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  • Head Office 028 9070 8280
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The safety of the workforce and the travelling public is the responsibility of all parties involved in a project. HBS provide a range of temporary barrier systems which can provide a solution to most situations.

Design and Detailing

HBS Design Engineers using the latest software packages can design the temporary road restraint system to suit the particular site requirements.


It is requirement of both the system suppliers and the local authorities that Vehicle Restraint Systems, including temporary systems, are installed and maintained by companies and personnel who are accredited to Sector Schemes 2B. HBS are accredited to Sector Scheme 2B and has a fully trained and experienced workforce which allows us to comply with these requirements.

Our trained staff and operatives can install the restraint systems efficiently using our own in house plant and equipment. HBS have a stock of all the systems which allows us to react quickly to our clients needs.
Inspection and Maintenance

It is a requirement that traffic management, including temporary road restraint systems are inspected on a regular basis. Utilising their trained workforce, HBS can provide this service on a 365 days per year basis.

  • APC Concrete Barriers

APC Concrete Barriers

APC Temporary Concrete Barriers are manufactured by Ardee Precast Concrete and are fully compliant with EN 1317.

The APC Concrete Barrier absorbs the energy of errant vehicles primarily using self weight and the shape of the barrier safely redirects the vehicle. The modular units are 3.5m long and can quickly installed on site using either a crane mounted lorry or rubber tyred excavator.

  • Varioguard


Hill and Smith Varioguard is a steel temporary vehicle restraint system that offers a high level of containment to operatives as well as safety to the travelling public.

Varioguard absorbs the energy of errant vehicles by a combination of self weight, catenary action and the mass of the errant vehicle on the unique foot section of the barrier. It is delivered to site in pre bolted 12m sections which facilitates rapid installation.

  • Mass


This vehicle restraint system is applicable in low speed situations where speeds are typically reduced to 40mph.

The MASS units are placed on the existing road surface, anchorage is provided at the terminal units only. This allows MASS to be installed, repositioned or removed quickly and with minimum disruption to the public.

Tested according to EN1317 at performance levels T1,T2, and T3, MASS is extremely quick and easy to assemble due to its unique joint system. Maximum safety is achieved with minimum traffic flow disruption during the brief assembly period.

With adaptable, modular design, MASS provides the base unit for five further options providing vandal proof, high privacy, high security and anti climb features.