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  • Head Office 028 9070 8280
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HBS have a wide variety of safety barrier products including beam, wire rope, and combined beam and wire rope systems together with an extensive range of end terminals. This allows us to provide a cost effective safety barrier solution to virtually any situation. All the systems we provide comply fully with the requirements of EN1317.

Our site staff and operatives are experienced and fully trained in the installation of all these systems. They ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the specification and current standards. HBS have an extensive range of plant including the latest barrier installation equipment, this coupled with our experienced staff and employees allow us to achieve high output rates and deliver projects in accordance with our clients programme.

The HBS in house design team offer unrivalled technical and design knowledge and the following services

  • Site evaluation and design
  • Road Restraint Risk Assessment Process (RRRAP)
  • Development of specifications
  • Product selection to suit needs and budget
  • High output and economical construction techniques

Working together with clients we ensure that relevant standards are met, compliant and cost effective systems are provided along with high output and efficient installation techniques.

  • Flexbeam


Flexbeam is an untensioned corrugated barrier system which offers a high performance and cost effective solution that is ideal for a wide range of safety standard conditions required on the road network. The system is based on the standard 310mm ‘W’ profile which allows for a seamless transition to existing systems. The posts are the familiar ‘Z’ shaped post and these can be driven, concreted, socketed or surface mounted. The posts range in size depending on the system, common standard post size is 125mm x 44mm. A key benefit of Flexbeam is that the system has very few components and extra centreline slots are included in the beams to allow a wide range of post spacing and together with 3.2m, 4.0m and 5.0m long beams, this minimises joints and product installation time.

Flexbeam is the only UK N2 system to have all systems with ASI ‘A’ rating which offers a greater level of safety to the occupants of an errant vehicle.

  • Flexbeam Plus

Flexbeam Plus

This is a further development of Flexbeam and offers all the same benefits. The beam sections are available in 3.2 and 4.0m lengths and using post centres of 2.0m, it is EN1317 approved to performance class N2W2. The increased capacity is achieved with the use of larger posts – 170mm x 47.5mm.

Also available are H1W4 and H2W5, which are both double height systems, allowing containment of up to 13t vehicles. These systems are designed to replace double rail open box beam systems (DROBB)

Brifen Wire Rope System

Brifen Wire Rope System is a fully tested product that is approved for use in the UK and Ireland. The system has been successfully installed in over 30 countries.

Brifen Wire Rope System consists of wire ropes with the lower pair interwoven between the posts. It is this unique feature that gives the Brifen system its superior strength. Each rope comprises of 21 wires of high tensile carbon steel, each of these wires has a breaking load of more than one tonne, capable of lifting the weight of a typical saloon car.

The kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle is absorbed by both the wire ropes and the posts, the posts collapse on impact and the vehicle is guided along the fence until it comes to rest.

Terminals and transitions to beam systems are available to ensure that there is a solution to suit all site conditions.


The BRI-FLEX H2 W5 double sided Vehicle Restraint System has been developed to provide a high degree of impact safety for central reserve / median applications. Bri-Flex is a hybrid development of H1/H2 FLEXBEAM PLUS and Brifen wire rope and hence the system components are well proven stock items.

  • Fully tested to EN1317 for UK highways
  • Softest impact system – ASI “A” approval
  • Cost effective solution
  • Low cost installation
  • High containment
  • Allows weather (snow) and debris to pass through rather than building up on the side of a highway.


TRANZFLEX is again a further development of FLEXBEAM. It has been successfully tested as a transition between Hill & Smith FLEXBEAM safety barrier and sister company Varley & Gulliver’s bridge parapets to EN1317.

The system offers this transition solution from road-way to bridge-way, and has been designed with gradually closing post spacing. The transition strengthens as it approaches the parapet, guiding the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. The overall length of the system is 16 m.

TRANZFLEX is the first transition barrier of its type to be EN1317 approved for use, and has additional benefits compared to its traditional competitors. Similar to FLEXBEAM and developed around the familiar ‘Z’ shaped post and ‘W’ beam profile, this transition is easy to install with fewer component parts compared to the HA designed transitions and it can be installed with driven posts, eliminating the need for a concrete foundation (unless otherwise required).

End Terminals

HBS can supply a wide range of terminals to suit various site situations and design requirements. Terminals can be provided to connect to our full range of barrier systems.

  • Single Sided P4 ABC Terminal
  • Single/Double Sided P4 Wire Rope Terminal
  • Single Sided Flexbeam P1 Single Sided Terminal
  • Single Sided Flexbeam P1 Double Sided Terminal
  • Single/Double Sided P1 Wire Rope Terminal
  • Single Sided Euro ET Terminal
  • Single Sided Euro BXT Terminal
  • Quadguard CEN Re-directive, Bi-directional Crash Cushion
  • Quest CEN Re-directive, Bi-directional Crash Cushion
  • EUROTRACC Crash Cushion
  • Vecu-Stop Crash Cushion