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  • Head Office 028 9070 8280
  • Scotland 01501 820 600
  • Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

HBS maintain a fleet of VMS signs to service both in-house contracts and external Clients. The use of this type of sign is ever increasing in popularity for a number of reasons:

  • They stand out and catch the motorists attention insuring that the message is conveyed
  • The signs, once parked on site, can have the message remotely changed at short notice to keep traffic updated of the latest conditions ahead (a service frequently used for events signing
  • They can remain on site for long periods of time with little or no requirement for maintenance

The service HBS provides includes for programming of signs, placing on site, changes to messages (if required) and removal from site.

Traffic light hire

HBS provides a full traffic light hire service. Our trained and experienced staff / crews can provide one or all of the following:

  • Designs tailored to actual road layout
  • Hire from HBS own fleet of 2, 3 or 4 way lights at very competitive rates
  • HBS can set up traffic lights including (if required) a complete set of signs (correctly sized for the speed of the road) and cones
  • Removal from site

HBS traffic light crews have a full understanding of signing requirements and the correct operations of signals. All our crews are trained under the most current Highways requirements – Sector Scheme 12D – T1/T2/T5 for multiphase signals and T6. All our Clients are assured that when engaging HBS we will provide a safe, efficient and cost effective service.

Crash Cushion Hire

A Crash Cushion (IPV – Impact Protection Vehicle) is used to protect workers in many situations on the carriageway under mobile works.

Mobile works is where…. Examples where HBS have deployed IPVs have included:

  • Whitelining operations
  • Survey works
  • Gully emptying
  • Grass cutting
  • Bin collections
  • Street lighting inspections

HBS can supply crash cushions (IPV) with trained and experienced drivers across Ireland. An IPV can be supplied with a full compliment of signs and cones if required.


Many road schemes now contracturally require the provision of a Traffic Safety Control Officer on site full time. The role of the TSCO is to monitor traffic management on site to ensure standards are adhered to and to liaise with statutory bodies / Clients. HBS have a number of highly experienced and trained TSCOs which can be hired out on short or long term contracts.