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  • Head Office 028 9070 8280
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HBS can supply and install a range of Aluminium and Steel parapets providing a solution to virtually any situation.

Our VGAN Aluminium and VGAN Steel parapets are fully compliant with EN1317 and are fabricated in accordance with Sector Scheme 5A by Varley and Gulliver, the UK’s leading parapet manufacturer for over 40 years. These parapets are suitable for use on all bridges and structures. They are designed to provide levels of containment that limit penetration of errant vehicles, and to protect others in the vicinity by redirecting errant vehicles onto a path as close as possible to the line of the parapet.

Our parapet systems can be installed to the structure using either cast insitu cradle anchorage units or retrofitted using resin fixed anchorage units. All our fixing systems have been fully tested and approved.

  • VGAN 1000 Series

VGAN 1000 Series

This is a modular aluminium parapet system. It consists of 3, 4 or 5 horizontal extruded aluminium rail sections which are fixed to supporting posts. The system is modular and is made up of standard components which keep lead times short.

The environmentally friendly aluminium weathers to a matt grey finish and is highly resistant to corrosion. Like all our aluminium products VGAN parapets require no maintenance and therefore deliver impressive whole life costs.

Systems Available:
  • VGAN 500 – N1 W2
  • VGAN 1000 – N2 W2
  • VGSN 1000 Series

VGSN 1000 Series

The VGSN parapet system consists of steel posts with three, four or five steel rectangular hollow section rails. The steel used is to BS EN 10025 and BS EN 10219 The standard finish is galvanised finish to BS EN ISO 1461 but painting and various other protective or decorative finishes are available to meet our client’s needs.

Systems Available
  • VGSN 500 – N1 W1
  • VGSN 1000 – N2 W1